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Colorful leatherette bag for kids #3210

This practical and colourful leatherette bag will accompany your little ones to the kindergarten while the older ones can use it to go to the park or as a shoe rack for gym time. A great gift as well!!!

240054-09 leatherette fabric 50x70cm bunnies/balloons 33×28 cm
240204-004 plain fabric h.180cm mustard 8×68 cm
240056-764 leatherette fabric 50x70cm grapefruit 33×45 cm
300972-615 natural white cord (25 m) 300 cm
G788988-300 sewing ( 100mx5)
119605-764 eco-leather tape 1 cm mustard yellow (100 m) 32 cm

Needle, sewing machine, scissors, safety pin, tack cutter.

From the leatherette fabric 240054-09 bunnies/balloons cut out a rectangle of 33x28cm. From grapefruit leatherette fabric, cut a rectangle of 33×45 cm. Baste and sew together.  From the 1cm faux leather ribbon, cut the two eyelets by cutting two 16cm pieces. Fold the strips backhand to backhand and make a seam in the middle. Fold the fabric of the bag straight upside down by matching the edges and basting. At the base of the bag insert the two buttonholes and fix them with a couple of stitches.

From the plain fabric cut two strips of 8x34cm. Finish the edges in a zig-zag pattern with the sewing machine. Baste one side of the fabric on the straight side of the bag. Sew the sides of the bag. Fold the double plain fabric and iron the edges to match. Baste and sew the end of the bag. Using the basting cutter, create the buttonhole to pass the drawstring.

Reinforce the opening with small stitches. Cut 150 cm of string and, using the safety pin, insert it into the edge of the bag. Pass the lanyard through the loop and tie it with a knot. Insert the lanyard on the other side and secure with a knot.

Wednesday April 29th, 2020