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After a few years of professional experience at the family’s handicraft shop in the city center of Bolzano, Mr. Peter Stadler founded the company Stafil in 1982. Initially it was a wholesale company dealing exclusively with yarns. The company’s name derives from the first letters of Stadler and filati, the Italian word for yarn.


In the following years the company expanded its activity also into other handicraft categories, first of all embroidery products. To meet the need of larger spaces the company moved to a new building in via Negrelli, Bolzano.


After years of strong growth, mainly due to a network of sales representatives in continuous development throughout Italy, the company changed its headquarters for a second time and moved to a bigger building in via Altmann, Bolzano.


Stafil became a franchise partner of the Austrian wholesaler for crafting supplies Marianne Hobby. With this new partnership Stafil started expanding its assortment of creative crafts.


A long term cooperation with the German color company C.Kreul started, which made it possible for Stafil to offer a great assortment of colors for many DIY techniques.

Stafil - Einweihung Via Altmann Helmuth Peter Oma zu
Stafil - Firmengelände via Altmann zu
Stafil - Büro Peter alt zu (Format 3-2)


Stafil moved its business to the current location in via Stradivari, Bolzano.


The Austrian company Swarovski became a partner of Stafil and the distribution of crystal pearls was a great success all over Italy. In the same year Stafil started publishing books with creative projects.


The company celebrated its 30th anniversary and by then the number of employees exceeded 50.


Stafil acquired the Austrian partner Marianne Hobby and its affiliated Swiss company Stuco. With this acquisition the group obtained a strong distribution network in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries. In total it expanded the number of sales representatives to more than 25 and the total employees to more than 70 people. Furthermore, the second generation joins the company this year.


The different brands Stafil, Marianne Hobby and Stuco Hobby get replaced by one strong brand Stafil with the categories Stafil Craft, Stafil Textile and Stafil Home. The company Marianne Hobby GmbH gets renamed in Stafil Austria GmbH, the company Stuco Hobby AG in Stafil Schweiz AG.

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2003/07/11 09:38:05.0

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Bildgrˆfle: Grofl (3008 x 1960)


Objektiv: 17-35mm f/2.8-2.8 D

Brennweite: 22mm

Belichtungssteuerung: Manuell

Belichtungsmessung: Mehrfeld

1/320 Sekunden - f/10

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Weiflabgleich: Blitz

AF Modus: Manuell

Tonwertkorr.: Normal

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Farbmodus: Modus II (Adobe RGB)

Farbs‰ttigung: 0∞

Scharfzeichnung: Keine



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Marianne Hobby - Firmengelände 3 (Format 3-2)