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Hearty wooden frame #3142

Bring your hearts into shape! In the following instructions the objects, which are cast from a variety of silicone molds, are decorated in wooden frames.

3924-40 wooden frame 35x25cm, 1 pcs

3924-39 wooden frame 25x15cm, 1 pcs
H1000-001 relief casting powder, 1 pcs
240056-033 vegan leather pink, 1 pcs
249395-48B self-adhesive fabric, 1 pcs
7424-13 cotton cord, 1.5 mt
Chalky color in stone gray
Chalky color in slate
740039-17 Silicone Heart with roses, 1 pcs
740039-19 Silicone mold heart with branches, 1 pcs
740039-18 Silicone Mold Heart, 1
740039-21 Silicone Heart with Doves, 1
PO-0001 Powertex 1000 g, 1 pcs
Tools: brush, scissors, plastic cup big, spatulaGlue the self-adhesive fabric and the leather (the back of the vegan leather or the inside of the frame to be glued on with Powertex) to the inside of the frame. Paint the dried hearts as you like and stick them in place (with Powertex or all-purpose glue), decorate the frame with the ribbon.
Wednesday April 10th, 2019