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Paper-mâché balloon #3113

Nice and colorful hot-air balloon made with paper-mâché. Of great effect in the bedroom of your little ones and original as a wedding gift containing messages and wishes. Make this wonderful project together with your children, fun is guaranteed!

950-25 paper mache 200gr, 1 pkg.
798-52 Jute Yarn 3.5mm, ca. 5m
754-74 cord 10mm nature, ca. 2,5m
862-06 chip box 60mm round, 1 piece
754-74 cord 10mm nature, ca. 2m
6140-87 ribbon Four S.40mm taupe, ca. 2m
VR15-691 ribbon Boutique 15mm x 5m dots orange, ca. 2m
VR15-7531 ribbon Boutique 15mm x 5m flower beige, ca. 2m
250099-11 Tricot fabric elastic, 160cm 95CO / 5EL – skin color, approx. 20 x 20 cm
various acrylic colors

Freezer bag for mixing paper mache, balloon, water, containers, gloves, glue gun, scissors, brush, drill or hand drill

Sunday June 16th, 2019