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Bamboliamo – Bimbo #3424

The Bamboliamo family is expanding! In cooperation with Brigata degli Artisti we are pleased to introduce the new collection of DIY dolls in happy family version. We present Bimbo, a splendid doll with an elegant dress in warm autumn colors. To make this doll, you need to get the padding and the yarn for the hair, in addition to the panel already prepared.


Video tutorials will be available soon! In the meantime, we invite you to follow the tutorial of the pretty Annie, who explains step by step the procedure for making dolls from the Bamboliamo collection.

4484-04 fabric for dolls 67x46cm boy
108073-09 yarn macramé 100g/ball, dark brown
805-01 soft padding siliconized 250g, white
300347-155 snap buttons x24 7mm, transparent
381886-STFIXB style-vil fix termoadesiva h 72cm x 15m, white

Scissors, needle and thread

Wednesday August 9th, 2023