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Coccolini – Bamby Pillow #3389

Introducing the Expanded Coccolini Collection – Now with Coccolini Pillows! Elevate the cuteness factor in your home and bring more joy to your youngsters with our adorable Coccolini Pillows. In this tutorial, our talented Angela will guide you step-by-step on how to create a delightful pillow case, perfectly complementing your Coccolino Bamby. Get ready to add even more charm to your living space with these lovely additions!

Click here to open the pillow case pattern.

4483-04 fabric coccolini pillow 69x103cm Bamby316676-0281 seralon sewing thread
316676-0327 seralon sewing thread
316676-2000 seralon sewing thread
316676-0646 seralon sewing thread

285142 cushion filler 40x40cm
805-02 soft padding siliconized 100g

Scissors, needle, pins, sewing machine, 300610-189 turning set, 945-91 flat nose pliers 15cm, iron.

When sewing the parts of the face, the two parts, near the nose, must coincide and be symmetrical.

Wednesday August 2nd, 2023