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Christmas garland with dwarf #3277

We are very happy to announce our third live tutorial in collaboration with the great Arianna from Arykrea/KreArtes. Arianna is an expert in live tutorials and you will be able to see how she creates a beautiful EVA foam Christmas garland. Below is the link to the tutorial and the list of all the materials you need!

3923-21 wooden tree 20×13,5cm
3924-34 wooden plate 15cm
607-30 metal ring Ø 30cm
240128-07 velvet fabric 50x68cm green
240128-01 velvet fabric 50x68cm white
800-13 artificial snow 330g
801-02 styrofoam ball no. 2
801-03 styrofoam ball no. 3
801-05 styrofoam ball no. 5
8537-11 eva foam 2mm 60x40cm, brown glitter
8537-01 eva foam 2mm 60x40cm, silver glitter
8537-16 eva foam 2mm 60x40cm, copper glitter
599-011 pine cones of salignum SB50g naturale
500-56 toadstool 14mm
C2755-01 Fabric strenghter
4882-2, 3923-99, 313522-00 Etc. christmas botanicals
3923-561 wooden sledge
719000-19 eva foam 2mm red
719000-00 eva foam 2mm white
719000-58 or 719000-60 eva foam 2mm green / moss green
7451-501 long hair plush SB1 25x35cm white
3800-171 mini LED

Hot glue gun with stick, Aluminum wire

Here you can watch the live tutorial:

Wednesday October 20th, 2021