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Bamboliamo – Lady Lemon #3362

We are thrilled to announce that the Bamboliamo family is expanding! In collaboration with Brigata degli Artisti, we have crafted a delightful collection of summer dolls. Allow us to introduce Lady Lemon, a charming doll whose vibrant colors and captivating smile will warm your heart. To make this doll, you will need to gather stuffing and yarn for the hair, in addition to the provided panel. The dress for the doll has two design variations to choose from, so you can add your unique flair to the final product.

4482-04 Fabric for doll Lady Lemon, 1 piece
108073-17 Yarn My Macramè 100g/ball, 1 ball
805-01 Soft padding siliconized, 1 bl
381886-STFIXB padding termoadhesive (for the tag)

Scissors, needle and thread

Thursday February 23rd, 2023