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Amigurumi: Cupcake with cream and raspberry #3382

Francesca Crochet&Love is back with her latest tutorial, tantalizing viewers with her delectable amigurumi creations. With her remarkable crochet skills, she will lead you through the step-by-step process of creating charming, handmade amigurumi cupcakes that are not only cute, but delicious to look at. Her unique style and clear instructions will make even a beginner feel confident in creating their own amigurumi, and her passion for the craft is contagious. Join Francesca on her latest crochet journey and discover the joy of amigurumi. Get ready to be inspired, amazed and most importantly, have fun!

108077-02 Re-cotton, 50g
108077-03 Re-cotton, 50g
108077-16 Re-cotton, 50g
108077-15 Re-cotton, 50g
805-01 soft padding siliconized

Scissors, crochet hook 3mm

Monday February 13th, 2023