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Amigurmi: Spiral Cupcake #3376

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Francesca Crochet&Love, an expert in amigurumi and crochet, who will be bringing her skills and creativity to our blog with a series of tutorials and patterns for you to follow. In the video below she shows us how to make a cute and delicious-looking cupcake using our Re-cotton yarn. The step-by-step tutorial is perfect for beginners or those who want to improve their amigurumi skills. You will be impressed by the level of detail and creativity Francesca put into this project.  Happy crafting!

108077-02 Re-cotton, 50g
108077-03 Re-cotton, 50g
108077-15 Re-cotton, 50g
805-01 soft padding siliconized

Scissors, crochet hook 3mm

Monday January 30th, 2023