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Christmas doll – Plush stars#3261

With our new cotton wool heads, you can create various dolls with different expressions. In combination with our new plush with stars, we have created this fantastic Christmas doll. In the video tutorial you will see how easy it is!

240144-02 plush fabric stars 30x40cm, red 40x8cm
250077-7 tulle ribbon 10cm red 70cm
S19402-101 cords Ø 2mm white 10cmx2 – legs
5350-911 merino wool thin SB50g 20-21µm – hair
108069-01 fil. yarn cuddly twist 30g/ball white – arms 20cm, skirt finishing, belt and feet.
799-04 cushioning cotton 50g white, 100% poliester
3420-441 scatter stars Ø 2,5cm SB12 gold
4470-521 cotton wool head Ø 4cm SB1, skin color
250079-04 velvet fabric 150cm ruby red 6,5cmx32cm
660-00 satin ribbon 3mm, white, 50cm

needle, thread, scissors, hot glue

Tuesday October 19th, 2021