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Fluffy Christmas wreath – Cuddly twist #3260

The Cuddly Twist yarn can be worked with either a crochet hook or your hands. In this video we show you how we made a fluffy Christmas wreath using our Cuddly Twist, decorated with other Stafil items.

802-30 styrofoam-ring flat Ø 30cm
108069-06 yarn cuddly twist 30g/ball sand 0,09Kg
3923-65 dwarf with brwon hat 21x7cm
5981-47 wooden discs Ø 4-6cm 200g, natural
65035-19 mini-apple x6 2,5cm
3952-15 glass berries Ø 20mm, hazelnut
3923-99 branch with snowballs 65cm
5981-41 larch cones + acorns x48 2,5-3,5cm, natural
5981-45 pine cones 4,5cm 130g, natural
SDX432015- 720020 ribbon scotland gray-brown

300218-503 crochet hook 10mm
600-80 hot melt glue gun

Tuesday September 21st, 2021