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Flowery Easter bunny #3223

This cute flowery Easter bunny is the perfect decoration piece for your Easter table. With just a few materials, it is easy to make but it will still embellish the look of the table. You can also paint the rabbit with other colours and use other artificial flowers or even artificial leaves.

742000-1 Acrylpaint white, Arte deco, 1pcs.
3060-1 Wooden rabbit, 1pcs.
3924-34 Wooden disc, 1pcs.
1351-79 Roses white, 1 bag.
1350-72 Miniflowers rosa, 1 bag.
1350-00 Miniroses, 1 bag.
variousĀ  ribbons

Hot glue gun, scissors, brush

Saturday December 19th, 2020