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Ballerina Tulle Glitter #3264

With our new Glitter Tulle you can make many different fluffy and shimmery creations! In this video, we show you how to make this beautiful ballerina, which for example is ideal as a decoration for a child’s room! Have fun!

607-18 metal ring Ø 18cm white
S19402-101 – Cords Ø 2mm white 10cmx2 – legs
108069-06 fil. yarn cuddly twist 30g/ball white
250088-1 Tulle ribbon glitter 10cm white m1,50×2 – pom pon
108073-20 yarn macramé 100g/ball
801-04 styrofoam-ball Ø 4cm
250099-11 tricot fabric 160cm 95co/5el – skin color cm9x9
660-00 satin ribbon 3mm white cm50
1350-70 mini flower x24 – 11cm white
6020-26 needle w.bead x48pc 55mm
5350-911 merino wool thin SB50g 20-21µm, natural- hair

Needle, thread, hot glue gun, Multi Pin Loom 108080-01, scissors, (eye make-up brushes and blush)

Friday December 3rd, 2021