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Mini sewing machine #3091

Below the instructions for the mini sewing machine (695004-1) that you can take everywhere with you!


1. Tension control arm;
2. Fastening plate;
3. Needle;
4. Bobbin;
5. Power Switch;
6. Rotary wheel;
7. AUX input;
8. Battery Compartment;
9. Lock/Unlock


Size: 73x205x33mm
Weight: 315g
Power: 3,6W
Voltage: 6V
Current: 600mA


How to replace batteries:
Note: Make sure the machine is in the locked position before replacing the battery.

How to replace the needle:
Loosen the fixing screw with a screwdriver and remove the old needle.
Always use a Stafil 695004-2 sewing needle.
The needle should be threaded with the flat side facing the front of the machine.

How to change the bobbin:
Remove the supplied spool, insert the new spool with the spindle and insert it in place of the other one.

If the seam is too tight, turn the tension control slightly to the left.
If the seam is too wide, turn the tension control slightly to the right.

Friday April 24th, 2020