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Beatrice Bag #3216

The Beatrice bag has been made with our new leatherette fabrics with a slightly “vintage” effect. Ideal for everyday life, you can carry it by hand or on your shoulder showing off your style!!!

300541-375 occh.rib.c/attr.oro 24pcs/bl 8.5mm 12pcs.
240120-045 tess.similpell.50x70cm mustard 3 pcs.
240120-051 tess.similpell.50x70cm olive green 1 pc.
316675-0118 seralon 30m buttonhole thread x5 1 pc.
316683-0608 mercifil 50 100m x5 1 pc.

Scissors, leather needle art. 311131-259, hammer, pins, sewing machine, ruler, pencil, glue art. 610-75.

From mustard leatherette fabric cut four rectangles of 48×31 cm. From the pattern cut the two bottoms. Make the inside pocket to sew to the lining by cutting a rectangle of 15×14 cm. Sew the pocket 8 cm from the top edge and 16.5 cm from the side. Use baking paper, the stitching will be smoother and more smooth!!!

Baste and sew only one side of the rectangular cuts straight against straight and mark half the depth of each bottom. Baste one side on the bottom first and then the other, always matching the stitching of the fabric with the stitch marked on the bottom. Cut the excess fabric.

Baste and sew the side of the bag where the pocket is, from the base of the bottom to a height of about 14 cm. The part left open will be used to turn the bag from the straight side. Sew the bottom of the bag paying particular attention to the corners!!! Put the lining in the rest of the bag straight with straight.

Secure the edge of the bag with pins. Baste and sew the edge leaving out about 5 cm on both sides that will be necessary for the insertion of the shoulder strap.
To make the shoulder strap, cut from the leatherette fabric a rectangle of 10.5×50 cm and divide into 3 parts of 3.5 cm each. Baste and sew with the sewing machine both sides using baking paper.

On the side left unsealed, turn the bag over. Sew the opening with a hidden seam. Insert the sleeve/shoulder strap into the bag, basting and sewing with buttonhole thread.

Baste the edge of the bag and attach the eyelets 4 cm from the top edge and 4 cm from both sides for the first eyelet and then every 7 cm according to the instructions. For the cord, cut 45×3 cm of the olive leatherette fabric, fold it into three parts, baste it and sew it with baking paper.

For the tassels cut two pieces of 23×10 cm and create the fringes of ½ cm. Glued around the cord and finished with a 2×6 cm piece of leatherette. Insert the cord into the central eyelets and complete with the other tassel.

Thursday May 21st, 2020