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Dream catcher with glass beads and thread #3112

With this wonderful dream catcher, bad dreams will be a thing of the past. You can use a variety of materials, so be patient and give vent to your imagination!

6145-30 Ribbon Sweetie 6mm oliv , 2m
7424-051 Ribbon 5lfm 1mm h´grün,  ca. 2,5m
6001-151 Wire 0.5mm SB30m grün, ca. 3m
6011-271 Wire 1mm SB5m schwarz, ca. 4m
274202-250 embroidery frame h8mm Ø 25cm, 1 Stk.
8250-631 pearls 6mm 40St grün, ca. 15 Stk.
8240-631 pearls 4mm 75St grün, ca. 15 Stk.
acrylic colors

brush, scissor, plier

Thursday June 6th, 2019